Since your home expired off the market, you’ve probably gotten innumerable calls from real estate agents all making the same empty promises:

I'll sell your home or I'll buy it!
I have a buyer for your home.
I'm the neighborhood specialist.
I'll sell your house in 90 days or it's free!

 At THE CASTLE TEAM, we know that a promise is only as good as the end result. And the only result that ultimately matters is that your home gets sold —and sold for the right amount.


 When things dont go as planned in the sale of a home, it can be easy for a seller to give up on the excitement to move that they once had. You may even be sitting there reading this thinking that its best to throw the towel in and give up on the dream of selling, or to wait for an extended period “when the market is better,”or to question whether or not to even work with a real estate agent. 

If there was a chance to re-ignite the initial excitement you had to sell AND get you moved on with your Life, wouldn’t it at least be worth investigating? If you're still not sure, get a copy of our Guide to Getting Re-Inspired and Moving on with Your Life.

Isnt it time a real estate professional prioritized YOU and your familys goals, in lieu of handing out empty promises?

Its our pleasure to help. And you never know... after you meet with us, you might actually be fielding calls from moving companies, and not more real estate agents!